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With Upfront Resolution, workplace dispute assistance is just a call or email away. Upfront aims to change the culture around disputes, so employees are more likely to come forward, and all parties can achieve more satisfying results.

Early Resolution Mediation Services

Upfront Resolution helps organizations resolve conflicts, concerns, and claims early and efficiently. We handle the full range of employment issues, from interpersonal conflicts and discord over management styles, to claims of bullying, harassment, discrimination, disability accommodation, and retaliation. Our goal is to dig in and do the hard work to resolve issues before they create an untenable work environment. Early mediation can be used before the concern rises to the level where an investigation is legally mandated.

Post-Investigation Restorative Processes

Even a proper investigation that results in corrective action cannot address all the harm experienced by the victim or other impacted parties. Upfront Resolution helps organizations and employees navigate the post-investigation workplace. We help formulate new business practices and work to resolve lingering resentments and interpersonal conflicts.

Executive Coaching

Upfront Resolution performs an individualized assessment to provide one-on-one coaching to executives on the full range of employment matters, including specific conflict resolution scenarios and anti-harassment training.


Organizational Assessments

Upfront Resolution works with management teams to identify patterns and practices that lead to workplace concerns. We evaluate the organization’s strengths and weaknesses in resolving disputes. In addition to reviewing the organization’s policies and procedures, we design an infrastructure and skills development program to create a healthy and productive environment.


Dispute Resolution Training

We offer training to help supervisors build their skills to deescalate conflict, such as creating a safe context for problem-solving, productively using the emotions involved, listening for understanding, brainstorming solutions, and developing a specific resolution to which all parties are genuinely committed.

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